Cisco CCNA kursu

CISCO-CCNA Routing and Switching 

Part I: Networking Fundamentals 
• The TCP/IP and OSI Networking Models 
• Fundamentals of Ethernet LANs
• Fundamentals of WANs
• Fundamentals of IPv4 Addressing and Routing 
• Fundamentals of TCP/IP Transport and Applications 
Part II: Ethernet LANs and Switches 
• Building Ethernet LANs with Switches 
• Installing and Operating Cisco LAN Switches 
• Configuring Ethernet Switching 
• Implementing Ethernet Virtual LANs 
• Troubleshooting Ethernet LANs 
Part III: IP Version 4 Addressing and Subnetting 
• Perspectives on IPv4 Subnetting 
• Analyzing Classful IPv4 Networks 
• Analyzing Subnet Masks 
• Analyzing Existing Subnets 
Part IV: Implementing IP Version 4 
• Operating Cisco Routers 
• Configuring IPv4 Addresses and Routes 
• Learning IPv4 Routes with OSPFv2 
• Configuring and Verifying Host Connectivity 
Part V: Advanced IPv4 Addressing Concepts 
• Subnet Design 
• Variable-Length Subnet Masks 
• Part VI: IPv4 Services 
• Basic IPv4 Access Control Lists
• Advanced IPv4 ACLs and Device Security 
• Network Address Translation
Part VII: IP Version 6 
• Fundamentals of IP Version 6 
• IPv6 Addressing and Subnetting 
• Implementing IPv6 Addressing on Routers 
• Implementing IPv6 Addressing on Hosts 
• Implementing IPv6 Routing 
Part I: LAN Switching 
• Spanning Tree Protocol Concepts
• Spanning Tree Protocol Implementation 
• Troubleshooting LAN Switching 
Part II: IP Version 4 Routing 
• Troubleshooting IPv4 Routing
• Creating Redundant First-Hop Routers
• Virtual Private Networks 
Part III: IP Version 4 Routing Protocols 
• Implementing OSPF for IPv4 
• Understanding EIGRP Concepts 
• Implementing EIGRP for IPv4 
• Troubleshooting IPv4 Routing Protocols
Part IV: Wide-Area Networks 
• Implementing Point-to-Point WANs 
• Understanding Frame Relay Concepts 
• Implementing Frame Relay 
• Identifying Other Types of WANs 
Part V: IP Version 
• Troubleshooting IPv6 Routing 
• Implementing OSPF for IPv6 
• Implementing EIGRP for IPv6 
Part VI: Network Management 555
• Managing Network Devices 
• Managing IOS Files 
• Managing IOS Licensing 

• Final Preparation